We get things unstuck

We get asked a lot about what we do....and for years we would try to find words fast enough to satisfy a typical elevator speech, and to no avail.  But it did finally come to us, we get things unstuck...  We get processes, departments, divisions, regions, organizations, aspirations, ideas and, most of all, people, unstuck.  And once they're unstuck, we help them find a better way of operating.


We see it a lot, and we hear it a lot, and it typically begins with  phrases like, "I wish" or "What we need to do is.....", but the phrases  that follow thereafter are "Don't have time" or "Maybe next year".

What is often lost in this period of being stuck can be remarkable, such as  an additional revenue stream, a competitive advantage, a ground-breaking  idea, a business evolution, a business creation, a success story, a  life-changing dream realized, or a moment when an organization turns  around.

What kinds of things get stuck?  More often than not, it's people.  People are a complex lot with a myriad of opinions, experiences, histories,  varying degrees of passion and energy, skills, agendas, restrictions,  competencies, available time, interpersonal skills, and patience.  And  amazingly enough, they don't mirror perfectly with other peoples  opinions, experience, history.......you get the picture.

But there's more to it, than just getting people unstuck.   Even when everyone is aligned and ready to jump, there's a need to ensure you've selected the right project, idea, opportunity and path.  And here's  where research, analysis, feasibility, or what we call the "noodling"  are critical to ensure that not only does it all "feel" good, but it  makes good, logical sense as well.

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AdvanceStates provides the research, the analysis, the feasibility  testing, the models, the processes, the methodologies, the  project management and the change management expertise to get you and/or your organization unstuck, so that you can finally realize those visions, benefits, advantages, efficiencies, and moments that you have been  unable to get your hands on......Finally.

And you'll enjoy getting back on your feet with us, too...

Who We Are

We're a seasoned professional services firm that helps our clients "advance"​ their capabilities through the five "states"​ of business success as we've defined them.  Whether you are a multi-national corporation, a mid-sized enterprise, a small business or an inspired entrepreneur.....we can help.

Founded in 2011 by President & Managing Director, James Ellis, AdvanceStates provides wide expertise through his years of experience in industries large and small, from profit to non-profit and across North America.  Through a support network of AdvanceStates "associates", we provide a depth advisory and project management services that our clients have come to depend upon.

Through our proven combination of proprietary tools and models in conjunction with our unique and truly consultative approach, we're the trusted advisor you've been looking for.  Let us advance your states...